Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go Android App Review

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While yoga is an ancient art of breathing and stretching, that doesn’t mean that its adherents haven’t embraced the wonders of modern technology. There is a wealth of yoga apps available for Android. Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go app for Android ranks top among them and is available for free download from Google Play.


Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go Android app provides users with a library of more than 50 yoga classes and 400-plus workout poses, complete with HD video and background music. Seven yoga plans are available for beginners with a variety of exercise focuses, as well as a variety of intensities and durations. For more advanced modules and poses though, you’ll need to subscribe to the app. Daily Yoga, app offers an all in one package for all your yoga needs. And, be it a yoga expert or just a beginner, there’s something for everyone. Upon opening the app you have the option to start your yoga by choosing a training session from the pose library. A small description is provided for every session, telling about the difficulty and its goal. Each yoga session is available as a separate downloadable plugin from the Play Store. There are more than 30 sessions for you to choose from in all. Many are liberally downloadable, while there are some paid ones as well.

Daily Yoga - Fitness On-the-Go Android App Review

Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go app for Android contains a vast pose library if you want to try out individual yoga poses apart from regular training. Daily Yoga also offers a compilation of relaxing Yoga Music to help you meditate and exercise better. Daily Yoga follows a subscription based purchase system meaning once you subscribe you get access to all pro content and an ad-free experience as well. Sometimes, doing yoga gets boring or we have some questions in mind. Perhaps you’re in need of a little inspiration after many yoga sessions with slow results. Daily Yoga Android app also has a community where you can talk all about yoga.


As much as users would like this app there are things that will bother. For starters, Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go app for Android launches in a fixed landscape orientation that doesn’t rotate at all – not even 180-degrees. Also, it can be a bit difficult to navigate when you start. A small “getting started” tutorial that can be dismissed wouldn’t hurt to have. The app is free to download but comes with a few ads which pop-up only when you exit any session and are not that annoying as well.

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