Days App – Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary for iPhone

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Photos immortalize your important moments and events. Now here is a cool app, a visual diary that builds animated gifs out of your favorite moments. Days app for iPhone by Wander animate your photos into GIFs and keep a shareable diary full of your important moments. You can get Days– Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary Days App for iPhone for free.

Days App Features

Days app for iPhone is a smart app. It got a friendly feel to it that makes you want to keep using it. The app automatically arranges the photos by date and time. You can provide color coded events or add descriptions that best describe the moment represented in the photo. Creating GIFs is easy at best; simply snap photos at 10 seconds intervals and that is it. However, while using it, you might recognize a slight lag between the moment the camera button is clicked and the photo is captured. It might take a bit of time to adjust, especially if you’re used to apps with faster flash times.

Days App – Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary for iPhone

While using Days iPhone app, there are no filters or camera roll import involved. Another notable feature of Days app for iPhone is the full emoji keyboard support. It let you communicate with more expressively rather than by means of boring plain text. Further, you can work offline with Days. Once have your creations, you can share it with your friends/family through Facebook or Twitter, even though you can’t login using either of these accounts.

iPhone Days app works with both front and back cameras. Other features include option to share via email, In-app diary lets you browse past days, unlimited free uploads, and digital zoom. To point out few drawbacks, Days for iPhone does not provide any filters to spruce up your photos. The user interface is well designed and is pretty easy to use. The app is compatible with iOS versions 6.0 or higher.


Days – Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary Days app for iPhone has a cool approach to memorializing your favorite moments in time. It would have been great if users were able to add filters or been able to import photos from the camera roll. Full emoji keyboard support and social network sharing options come handy. Offline support is another positive. Verdict: An app we would recommend to the user for all its cool features.

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