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DeaDBeeF Player for Android is a music player app that can play a lot of file formats and also can broadcast online radio. It is a fantastic addition to Android app list which is a delight to users of desktop and smart devices alike. It is not a Linux compared to its ancestors. Lightweight music player has the roster of play controls, playlists and album arts and is present in the notification tray when minimized. The app has a retro appearance that resembles a green LCD screen.

Keep Yourself Entertained, Musically Alive

DeaDBeeF Player for Android, taking its roots from Linux, requires you to download a free codec pack without which you cannot listen to even an mp3. The app has multiple playlists and plays all the files of a particular folder without any gap. The app calculates the precise amount of actual content, suppresses the gaps and gives truly gapless playback experience. It does a perfect seeking and playback similar to CD player. You can make your own presets for equalizers, with app offering 10 bands.

Shuffle tracks and album modes and view music file tags and album art. The app plays most of the file formats that includes mp3, ogg, aac/mp4, alac/mp4, flac, ape, wv, wav, tta, mpc, sid, mod, s3m, nsf. Online streaming radio works impeccable with the service if shoutcast and icecast. The app supports automatic cue by splitting images into tracks to play them gaplessly. Full unicode support and a widget is available as a separate download. The different themes available are dark, light and LCD. The app works on android 1.6 and higher. Plays files including 24 bit and multi channels files with 193 khz sampling rate.


DeaDBeeF Player for Android is extremely customizable because of the unlimited collection of plugins with which you can customize the interface, controls, and other options. You are also allowed to choose a GTK2 or GTK3 build of the application to be used. The app is free to download and use with no in app purchases. Advertisements do appear occasionally obscuring the Album Art display. You can purchase an ad free version to remove the advertisements.

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