Discovery+ TV Shows Video Streaming Android App Review

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discovery+: TV Shows, Shorts, Fun Learning for Android is a video streaming app to stream unlimited TV shows and documentaries in HD quality. You get to watch the complete episodes of TV shows, short videos, exclusive special shows, documentaries and award winning short movies. It is for those who love entertainment in the form of videos. You get transported to a different world of your choice. There are different genres of videos like nature, adventure, science, wildlife, space, Indian military, lifestyle, food and auto. It is compatible with Chromecast, Android TV and Fire TV. You can enjoy a big screen experience with thousands of shows, short movies and documentaries.

Stream & Watch Videos In A Big Way

discovery+ video streaming for Android is a simple and user friendly app that provides a perfect platform for people who love video streaming as an entertainment option. There are unlimited documentaries and TV shows in high definition quality. There are more than 4000 hours of entertainment that is fun, interesting and infotainment. You get new shows and lifestyle content on a regular basis. It is a safe learning and infotainment experience. You can share your favorite shows in the preferred language with an audio option. The app allows you to create a personal watch list so you can access your shows easily. Voice search allows you to search the database of shows. Child lock feature will access all 18+ shows from your child. You get shows from all major channels.

Discovery+ Video Streaming Android App


discovery+ Android app is for those who love watching exclusive shows. It has educative friendly shows that are youngster friendly. The shows are available in most of the Indian languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, and Kannada. The show can be enjoyed by the whole family. The app is free for download and use. There are in-app purchases available in the app to upgrade for premium shows and ad free experience. Premium subscribers get to enjoy exclusive shows from BBC like The Hunt, Planet Earth, Special Forces, Museum Secrets, Joanna Lumley’s India, Top Gear and others.

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