Ditty by Zya iPhone App Review

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Ditty for iPhone is a music based social networking app. Ditty sings anything you type and can make awesome songs and music videos. It lets anyone turn everyday texts into short songs and music videos which are hilarious and makes communication more fun and interesting. With Ditty, you can add hilarious GIFs, select from tons of songs to convert your messages, post dittys, add friends and follow their feeds.

Create Dittys in a Jiffy

Ditty app for iPhone converts simple and boring text messages into songs and videos. Once you download and launch the app, it will ask you to type some text. It could be any message that could make a good lyric. You tap next and the app turns those words into a song. This is the most basic feature of the app that turns any phrase into a song with some graphics and text written over it. You have a number of songs to select from and the app will the phrase to match the music. Add gifs from the vast collections present in the apps library. Select your own photos and videos from your gallery to personalize your video. Ditty brings life to simple and boring text messages. You can publish your ditty in the app and have it appear in various social media platforms. A well made ditty clip can go viral instantly.

Ditty also has the social networking side to it as it collaborates with other users and you can watch dittys published by them. The app is quite easy to start with and can help you stand out. You can have fun and hearty laughs with the kind of messages you can create.


For people who have a strong social media presence, or just want to stand out in chats with their friends, the app can be great fun. Ditty app is free to download with minimal ads and in-app purchases. The app requires iOS 9.0 or later.

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