DIY Projects Android App Review

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DIY Projects for Android is a gallery app that has a good collection of DIY original videos. DIY Projects is quite satisfying, where you can express your creativity while you can have fun as well. This app has step by step instructions for thousands of projects that range from simple home ideas to big projects. You can create flower pots with recycled materials, wall decorations, accessories, cosmetics and other products useful for home needs. These are mainly original projects designed to be done by a novice or even creative entrepreneurs and can be done individually or by a team.

Do it all yourself and take pride in your creativity

DIY Projects for Android app is very simple and easy to use. You just have to start and slide to see the various projects. All the projects are easy to learn and is moderated to ensure a kid safe browsing. The projects are fun and it helps you wear your creativity. Mini hands on challenges to motion animation, decorating your home and garden and so on. Ideas are aplenty to inspire your imagination you just need to spend sometime. A dozen projects are added during every new version release. Detailed step by step instructions accompany every project so even a novice can get started.

Share any of the projects in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can save them for later view and also set them as wallpaper. Multiple language support is available for all the projects. You can select the language you would like to view the instructions. So get ready with innovative ideas and get inspired with the projects and get down at doing it all by yourself.


DIY Projects for Android let you have fun with the entire family. Come up with original idea with your family and post the result with us. You will be viewed worldwide. Keep improvising as you get comments and feedback. This brings a lot of smile for the creators as your work get recognized. The app is free to download and requires Android 4.0 and up.

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