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A lot of us use our mobile phones for browsing the web. However, most mobile browsers miss out on certain features which compromise our browsing experience. If you want to get a fuller browsing experience, then download Dolphin Web Browser. The app is developed specifically to give you a richer browsing experience.

Get a Richer Browsing Experience

Dolphin Web Browser for Android is an app that comes loaded with features. There is hardly any difference between this and a full-blown desktop browser. One of the special things about is that it comes with HTML5 player. This means that you can play all the animation and videos without any glitch. The browser is also designed to offer you fast browsing speeds. This means that even if you are on a slow network you can still browse at a fast speed. Dolphin browser also comes with an AdBlock. So, you would get no more annoying ads in the middle of viewing your content. How cool is that? So, if you want to experience all that the internet has to offer, the Dolphin browser would be of great help.

App Highlights

Browse the internet at faster speeds and download faster even on a slow connection.
Get different add-ons which include web to PDF convertor, barcode scanner and cloud storage syncing.
Incognito/Private Browsing
Best Gaming and HD video experience


Many of us complain on not getting the entire experience when we are browsing the internet on our smart phone. Dolphin Web Browser for Android takes care of all those issues with ease. Get the app today and discover the true beauty of your online content.

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