Dragon Ball Legends Game for Android Review

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Dragon Ball Legends for Android is a gaming app with a huge fan following. It has high quality 3D graphics and action complete with character voices makes it a wholesome entertainer. The action sequence is one on one and you will play against rival players across the globe. The dragon ball fighters have to battle it out against all odds in this card action game. The intuitive controls can easily let you control your favorite dragon ball fighters.

Fight the dragon balls and the rivals in this intuitive game

Dragon Ball Legends for Android is a card action styled gaming app that has quality role playing game for the mobile that is fun to play with. The story of dragon balls is told in 2D comics while the action sequence is in 3D. The card system controls the abilities you can use and when. Once you get the hang of using the cards you will easily master the game and fight at lightening speed. Each story is a mission and has its own challenges. As you fight through the combat challenges, you will be handsomely rewarded. Some rare hero collections need to be bought through in app purchases.

You can choose to punch, kick, and throw using simple taps or select the right card for the attack. For example, red card performs a melee attack, yellow card is a range attack and blue and green cards have special attacks. The cards are also specific to each character and takes up energy points. As you progress, your energy will replenish and play with three different characters on each team. Dragon Ball Legends game mainly relies on the quick decisions than strategic planning.


Dragon Ball Legends game for Android let’s you experience a new adventure with Goku and his friends in tow. You get to play real time action with people around the globe. The controls are super sleek and you can apply combos and special moves with touch of the finger. All characters are designed by Akira Toriyami. The app is free to download and requires Android 6.0 and up.

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