Egg Inc Android Game App Review

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Egg, Inc is a gaming app available in Google Play Store where you will be building an enormous egg farm. The goal of Egg Inc game for Android is to build the most profitable egg farm. The theme is based at the belief that in the future, secrets of the universe will be unlocked in the chicken egg and you need to capitalize on this by selling as many eggs you can.

Building Coops, Hatching Chickens

The premise of Egg Inc Android game is simple. You will have to start an egg farm and turn it into an empire through expansion and research. There are two ways to produce eggs quickly. One and the most straightforward way is to tap on the red boxes which will unleash more chickens which will lay more eggs. Another method is idle clicking. In this method, you wait and watch as the game gradually boosts your output. You can boost the egg laying capabilities by choosing the right upgrades. With the various menu settings, you will know how much each egg is worth or simply increase the size of your silos, barns and vehicles. As you progress through the game, you are asked to do quite a lot if missions with varying level of difficulties. Each of these missions gives you a sense of direction and generally urges you to expand the business. It would urge you to follow a certain path which would generally lead to success in the game.

Egg Inc game for Android allows you to upgrade to better egg type and it is one way of telling that you have done a good job. Some upgrades resets and makes you start from the beginning again and some lets you carry on from where you stopped. You will have to balance strategies throughout many missions to reach the ultimate goal of having an enormous egg farm with an astronomical price.


Egg Inc for Android deploys simple, casual game play with opportunities to challenge yourself. Running your farm will be easier if you make in-app purchases. You can choose to watch ads to get more cash or golden eggs. It is addictive and you will be surprised at how easily you pick up farming skills as you progress through the game.

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