Eko Android App Review

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Eko – You Control The Story is an Android entertainment app for videos. It is a completely new platform for interactive videos. A new form of entertainment as the power of choices is with its users. You get to watch interactive videos of your choice. It is a kind of platform where the viewers turn into participants to create interesting and entertaining content. The app provides the user the ability to seamlessly control and influence the story presented in the video. You can choose from different interactive shows present in the app. You will also have the power to choose the character you want to play.

Be A Part Of This Interactive Vide Platform To Tell Your Own Story

Eko is a simple and brilliant app that makes video watching interactive too. You get the control over the content as you participate in different shows that app produces. You need to first choose a perspective. You will have to decide on the character you like to follow and understand their perspective in the story. You need to make the decisions for the character. The different moments of the character are split into several options and you need to decide the moment that will influence the outcome. The story changes each time you watch the video. The developers add new shows and videos regularly. You can also download shows for offline viewing.

Eko Android App Review


Eko is a brilliant app with a great idea and content creation. The idea to make people as participants is quite appreciable. The app streams videos live with your character as you interact with other users. It follows the style of a game and provides a great learning experience. You get to learn interesting stuff like making different cocktails and dishes. The app has a great collection of interactive shows and exclusive content you can be a part of. Some of the shows are Wizard School Dropout, The Coop, Epic Night, Timeline, Buzzfeed, Clothes Call, Cook Together, and Make or Break The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developers. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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