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Fashmates for Android is an addictive, simple yet convenient shoppers’ paradise, especially those who are concerned about the world of fashion. It is considered a replacement for Polyvore, which is an online community based fashion store. It is the perfect place for Polyvore lovers as they have adopted similar features and have a good amount of features of their own. It is quite fun to use as it allows you to mix and match a lot of fashion items.

To be fashionable, head to the right destination

Fashmates for Android is for those fashion conscious who love to follow trends and get on top of the fashion industry. Create your own unique look easily with millions of items available. These items are curated by retailers and designers from thousands of brand names. Being a community based app you can easily connect with like minded people whose ideas can inspire you. Style icons, trendsetters create designer unique sets which are easy to purchase and are quite in trend with current fashion. Easily search for products what you are looking for from the millions of products.

Once you download and sign in, you become a member of Fashmates app. As a member you can earn points buy selling and buying products. Create your look and get feedback from the community on how you look. This is called a style poll. Socialize with the community and Create your on group of friends by commenting and liking. Also participate in group discussion. You can share your looks on social media like Facebook and Instagram and also blogs.


Fashmates for Android has become one of the largest communities of Polyvore users powered by its creative community. A social commerce platform solely for all things fashion, beauty, art and home décor. You can visit their website for a detailed information about buying, selling and shipping. You can also get details about returns. You do not have to provide personal information unless you are really interested in buying or selling. Until then you can window shop. The app is free to download and is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and up.

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