Firefox Focus Companion Browser Android App Review

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Firefox Focus for Android is a free and open-source mobile browser from Mozilla that focuses on privacy and is available for smartphones and tablets. Firefox Focus is a dedicated privacy browser that blocks ads and protects you from tracking. Your pages will load quicker with Focus, and your data will remain private. Firefox Focus is a browser extension that blocks web trackers, including third-party advertising, in order to improve surfing performance while still safeguarding users’ privacy. You can quickly delete your history, passwords, and cookies to prevent unwanted advertisements from following you throughout the internet. It’s as simple as tapping the delete button in the search field to remove it. By default, Firefox Focus prevents a wide range of trackers, including social trackers and persistent trackers such as those seen in Facebook advertising.

Faster than other browsers

If you wish to take screen shots and show the browser in your list of recently used apps, you may disable the Stealth mode in Firefox Focus for Android. Firefox Focus is funded by Mozilla, a non-profit dedicated to protecting your online rights, so you can trust it not to sell your information. While surfing, pressing the trash icon will clear all session data and return you to the start screen, which will display the configurable search bar. Focus disables trackers and enables adblockers, allowing you to see pages that use less data and load quicker. Additionally, you may pin up to four shortcuts to your home screen so you can go to your favorite site even faster without having to type anything.

Firefox Focus Companion Browser Android App Review

Minimal design with great features

Ad-blocking is enabled by default; however, it may be temporarily disabled so you don’t have to switch browsers. All of your open tabs, recent searches, bookmarks, and favorite sites can be viewed in one spot. You can carry your bookmarks, passwords, saved logins, and browser history with you everywhere you go with Firefox on all of your devices. You may pin videos from their websites or players to the top of your phone’s screen to watch as you browse the internet or do other things. Because we think that open and free is better than closed and controlled, Mozilla exists to create the Internet as a public resource available to all, and this app is the finest among Mozilla browsers for Android smartphones.

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