Fooducate – Nutrition Tracker iPhone App Review

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Fooducate for iPhone is a nutrition app available in App Store that provides information and feedback of the food you are eating which will make you conscious of what you eat. This app is more helpful for those who are trying to get into the habit of eating healthy. Being healthy need not always be revolved around strict workouts and exercises. You can also be healthy by just eating right and this app aims to do just that.

Eat and be healthy

Fooducate – Nutrition Tracker for iPhone logic is to give different types of foods a letter grade, which is A,B,C or D. These letter grades are based on information given by a team of experienced dieticians. The grading will let you find out the calorie, fat and other nutritional information. This also includes details on key information like artificial flavors, colors, gluten content and so on. These information about a particular product will help you select the right ones for the diet of your choice. Let’s say you are on a specific diet that is high on whole grain and gluten free. Fooducate will help you do just that as you can compare the specific information with whole lot of other alternatives.

Fooducate - Nutrition Tracker iPhone App Review

There are over 250000 product barcodes available and you can scan them to reveal details that the manufacture do not want you to notice. The app lets you add your recipes and will give you the nutritional value. You can track your calories, proteins, fats and carbs and also sleep mood and hunger levels. The shopping list has a Replace button that lets you easily swap out options with better ones. You can check your health status with other users using the Healthy Me checks. Food items are updated and added on a regular basis.


Fooducate – Nutrition Tracker for iPhone helps you to be more conscious on what you eat. With a brilliant array of information and user feedback, the app will help you get into a healthy eating habit. The stress is more on eating right for your body type than losing weight. The app is available for free download; you can also purchase an ad free version for a nominal price.

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