FotoSwipe File Transfer Android App Review

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Fotoswipe for Android makes sharing files between two phones a whole lot easier. Whether you want to send something to someone’s phone or you want to transfer files within the different devices owned by you, Fotoswipe would help you out. When you have a file in one of your phones and you want to transfer it to your other phone, tablet or computer, things get difficult. You have to set up a connection with a USB cable which can get messy. You can even transfer files with Bluetooth but there is always the question of security. To solve all this issues, you have the FotoSwipe app for Android devices.

Make Life Easier with FotoSwipe

FotoSwipe, as the name suggests, helps you to transfers photos with just a swipe. However, it is not just photos; you can share practically anything – from document files, contacts to even full videos. You can also send PDF and PowerPoint presentations as well. It uses peer-to-peer transfer technology that makes it easy for you to transfer large files within seconds. One of the best features of the app is that it is highly secure. FotoSwipe also has the ‘phone switch’ feature. This comes in handy when you have just bought a new phone and you are looking to replace your old phone with it. This helps you to transfer all your data from your old phone to your new phone, in just one go and that, too within seconds.

App Highlights

Highly secure
Fast transfer
Easy to use
Supports a variety of files
Works with internet, Wi-Fi or other networks


Fotoswipe for Android makes life simple for you. Transferring files really becomes a breeze with this app. So, install the app today and make your life simpler.

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