FotoTool – Photographer Tools Android App Review

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FotoTool – Photographer Tools for Android is a free application for acing photography. The app has several features and tools for both newbies and professionals to shoot exactly what you had in mind. The different photo tools are developed based on different shooting conditions required by photographers. The app guides photographers to capture the scenes in the right essence and it makes life quite easy for them. The app has a blog and a YouTube channel that has several guides, tutorials and other photographic tips. There are many tricks you can apply using the tool to make your photos look unique and amazingly stunning. You will ne amazed at the ease with which you can do all the tricks with app.

Get The Easy Way Out With Photographic Effect

FotoTool is a simple, easy to use and an intuitive app that has different features. The app has a database of more than 3800 camera and it can easily capture the values and parameters of flash. The tools can easily calculate the stellar traces and exposure value. It can calculate overall exposure, long exposure, night shots, reciprocity failure and time lapses. It has a planner for golden hour, blue hour and magic hour. There are moon phase calendar, moon and sun set and rise calendar. The app has neutral density filters, bokeh, depth of field, hyperfocal, and field of view. It has a stop watch functionality that is built for manual mode.

FotoTool - Photographer Tools Android App Review


FotoTool is an all in one app for all photographers. An amazing thing about the app is that it can calculate exposure time on the pictures you have just clicked. The app is not complex and makes it easy to learn different techniques and concepts. It is a comprehensive app that covers everything without complicating. The developers constantly update the app with new features taking into consideration user comments and feedback. You don’t need an internet connection for using the tools. The app is free for download and use. There are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to avail ad free version with a night mode.

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