Free Instango Blackberry App Review

| November 6, 2010

The free Instango BlackBerry App is a multiple IM chat program for BlackBerry that lets you to connect to major instant messaging networks such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, GoogleTalk, GaduGadu, and Yahoo.

To be precise, rather than using GoogleTalk, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN to chat with your friends, you can access Instango and talk to your all friends who may be using several different IM programs from a single interface on your BlackBerry. This app is absolutely free to download. To download the app, simply visit on your phone. From there, you can easily download the application software. Or enter your phone number/mobile e-mail address in to the Instango website and it will send you a text message with a download link to your phone. Instango free BlackBerry App was developed by Bellshare. It is well equipped to stay connected with all of your friends.

The user interface of Instango BlackBerry App is simple, stable and easy to navigate. Chatting using Instango is as easy as chatting with your laptop or desktop computer. In addition to chatting, Instango lets you to transfer files, send pictures and send text messages to other mobile phone users. Key Features Connect to major instant messaging networks like GoogleTalk, MSN, ICQ and more. Instango BlackBerry App provides free instant messaging to other Instango users as well as users of other instant messaging networks like GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, QQ, GaduGadu, Jabber, and more. All you have to do is enter your IM network ID and password credentials. The app will show your friends in these instant messaging networks in its contact list.

Push-to-Talk – Instango BlackBerry App supports advanced features like Push-to-Talk, which lets you to send free voice messages to other Instango users. Also, you are allowed to send voice messages to any PC /Mac user on GoogleTalk, MSN, ICQ or Yahoo. Sending Pictures and Files – Select a picture file or any other file from your phone and send it to your buddies at Instango or one of the IM networks. Mail – A free e-mail address will be provided to you by Instango. . E-mails will be delivered in real time to the phone. Also, you can send audio messages, text messages, picture files and other files to any other e-mail address. Provides Live News – You can include RSS feeds to your account and get news automatically delivered to Instango in real time.

Conclusion Instango provides free access to all popular chat based networks. The app is rated as excellent.

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