GeoZilla Share Live Location Android App Review

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GeoZilla – Share your Live Location for Android will assist you in keeping loved ones safe by tracking their whereabouts and responding to their needs. To achieve the most precise results, the family locator programme may change the accuracy of recognisable places as well as the frequency of tracking. The software includes a free messenger that can be used to chat with all members in groups or one-on-one. Geozilla allows users to pinpoint the exact location of other devices. GeoZilla app may be used as an organiser to keep track of all forthcoming activities and to create reminders so that you don’t miss a crucial meeting. You’ll never forget to pick up your child after training using Geozilla.

Locate your loved ones

Parents and children may use GeoZilla Android app to send private messages to each other via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) conversations. If a family member is ever in an emergency scenario, they may promptly contact all other family members on the account. It’s amazing how quickly every member of the network gets notified. Members who are active on social media can be tracked using the app. When something goes wrong, the application notifies the parents. Because to the app’s features, parents always know where their children are. This provides them wonderful peace of mind. You can operate your phone from afar, and you can also see how much battery life is left on the gadget. You can also keep track of a child’s whereabouts. When tracking data, the Locator app employs passive mode. When there is a shift in place, it awakens. The application operates in the background and consumes minimal data and bandwidth.

GeoZilla Share Live Location Android App Review

Stay safe using GeoZilla

To find out whether a family member is speeding or talking on the phone while driving, use Driver Safety reporting. In the case of a roadside accident, Crash Detection will send an alert to your emergency contacts, allowing you to receive help sooner. To keep the GPS at bay and your battery life from depleting, use Significant Location Change (SLC) to put the family location tracker in sleep mode until you’ve moved considerably on the map. Location services are required to provide real-time location sharing, SOS alerts, and place notifications. To be linked, GeoZilla requires the approval of all family members. When it comes to tracking a family’s position to ensure their safety, GeoZilla is a lifesaver.

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