Gibbets: Bow Master Game for Android Review

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Gibbets: Bow Master for Android is an archery game where you save people and master the skill of using a bow. You are entitled to save those innocent lives from the verge of hanging to death. You need to be really careful while aiming your bow as you could harm the people. Before they could lose their breath, you need to cut the rope without hurting them. A shooting challenge that tests your chivalry. The game manages to keep you on your toes.

Become a champion archer and save hundreds of life

Gibbets: Bow Master game for Android is played using a bow and arrow and it is not just a game shooting helpless people saving them from a near death situation, it is also a platform to show your chivalry and master in archery. You just have a bow and infinite number of arrows. Playing it is pretty easy, you just have to touch and drag anywhere on the screen to aim and shoot. There is no time limit except that you get time only until the people can hold their breath. You need to be very careful as you can injure or even kill them, which is not what you want.

There are to modes, endless mode and a challenge mode. Customize the interface with different skins and decorate your hanging friends. Though it is fun, simple and easy to play, it could be annoying for some who might not like the sight of hanging people even if it is cartoonish. Anyone who is in for silly, simple and fun would love enjoying this game. With simple controls and a mission to win, you will not have any sense how time flies.


Gibbets: Bow Master for Android offers a never ending game where you can save as many people you can before they die. The app can be used simply to test your skills in archery and challenge yourself in the most dire situations. You have automatic sign in and can compare your achievements in the leaderboards as you gain points completing skill based challenges. The app is free to download from Play Store; there are in-app purchases ranging from $0.63 to $17.99.

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