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GlobeIn app for iPhone is an ecommerce app that helps you connect with artisans from across the globe and therein letting you shop from handmade crafts from over 38 countries. The mobile platform of GlobeIn website is also an earnest attempt to bring in customers for artisans, who incidentally are the second largest employer in the developing world. You can get GlobeIn – Shop Handmade, Support Artisans iPhone app for free from iTunes App Store.


GlobeIn app for iPhone offers a gateway to the treasure trove of rare and exotic crafts, international folk art and timeless traditions while supporting artisans across the planet. What GlobeIn presents is not a faceless wall of retailers. Instead, it is a big community to be explored. Here, each artisan has his/her own space to share their story, to detail their creations and to set up your purchases. What you get to purchase through GlobeIn app for iPhone are genuine products. You’re buying directly from artisans. Artisans set their own prices, meaning that by purchasing handmade goods you are supporting their creators while helping to preserve timeless traditions and intangible cultural heritage.

GlobeIn App for iPhone

GlobeIn app for iPhone provides a seamless browsing experience, thanks to its intuitive design and interface. You can find the items neatly categorized for easy searching. Artisans are divided by region while the home page is regularly populated with curated groupings, so that the users never feel like they’re sifting through an endless pile of random trinkets. In terms of performance, the app is pretty stable. You can show support to the artisan community with the subscription box. It is a monthly collection of treasures from around the world. Each month, you’ll unpack a new assortment of handmade wonders, and learn about the artisans who made them.

Final Thoughts

GlobeIn is an online market place that connects prospective buyers and artisans around the world. Most importantly, it provides a bigger market for the artisans to promote and sell their creative products. From user perspective, you decide who your purchases support, and you get something wonderful in return. The UI is intuitive and easy to use. You can search/view artisans by region and products by category. The app is stable and responsive. Fortunately, there aren’t any annoying ads to put up with. Check it out if you want to support artisans and shop for some exotic products from around the world.

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