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GoForIt for iPhone comes handy to car buyers and car transporters. The app help streamline the business process so that users can manage it in the easiest way possible. GoForIt app may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

The App

Inspecting a car takes up resources and time. If one could streamline the process, it saves time as well as money. GoForIt app for iPhone allows the Transporters to start the inspection within a few clicks. You can save and store favorite clients for whom you are often haul the cars. The inspection diagram allows providing detailed car inspection in the easiest way. As a result, the inspection process becomes so easy, clear, quick, and accurate. Further, with GoForIt for iPhone, you can earn extra money if you use the application regularly and build informative database. That is, you are hauling cars and you hold very important information about each car. You drive those cars and you inspect them, you hear how the engine works. If it has noise while driving, you have your opinion about the condition of the car. This opinion will be valued and eventually, it will come handy while selling the vehicle. As the person inspecting the car, you can make accurate inspection, upload photos, mark all damages and malfunctions and this information can be sold to someone who is looking for the car you are transporting, and you’ll also earn a profit.

Buyers, on the other hand, get the most recent information about the car they are interested in. If you are interested to receive an information about some specific car parameters or in available cars in general on specific market – you can use the app’s notification instrument, which will show you the info about the cars even before this information became available on the auction. The UI of GoForIt app for iPhone is well designed. It is also slick and responsive.


GoForIt app for iPhone is useful for car transporters and buyers alike. For transporters, it reduces paper work, easy car inspection, track your loads and reduce damage claims. For buyers, it helps to mitigate the risk of bad buying. Through the app, one could keep track of interested cars as well as source independent opinion about a vehicle’s condition/history. The UI design is user friendly. It is also stable. Check it out if you belong to either of the above-said categories.

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