GPS Tracker App for Blackberry Review

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GPS Tracker application makes use of Blackberry’s own GPS to have a website updated about your position, along with a track of just where you’ve been. In other words, you could simply see where you are in real time. For example, if you’re riding down the road, you could see ‘you’ moving along the down the road on the map. GPS Tracker is a free app that can be downloaded from Blackberry App Store.


Unless you are on the roll of any spy agency, you can safely have GPS Tracker app on your Blackberry. The most productive fall out of this app is that your dear ones (or you) could see where you (or your dear ones) are any moment. For example, if your friend is in a restaurant to which you’ve never been, and you are lost in the city, you can just send your location to him/her so that they could navigate to your position. The app also lets you record wherever you’ve went in the last couple of days.

GPS Tracker Blackberry application

The download and installation of Blackberry GPS Tracker app is a pretty easy and straight forward process. Once installed, from its nearly laid out interface, you are supposed to go to the website of InstaMapper and register your device. The app uses only GPS to track your location, and does not rely on cell tower information or WiFi base station location services to zero-in on your location.

GPS Tracker Blackberry app runs in the background, and it does not affect the performance of Blackberry to any extent. It even works with the Blackberry screen blanked or the device in a case/holster. The app also comes handy to recover a lost phone, provided the app is set to auto-start on boot.


For those looking for a real time GPS tracking app to track, share, or record your location, GPS Tracker mobile application just fits the bill perfectly. It makes use of InstaMapper’s portal to present you with a simple and easy to use GPS tracking solution. Most of the times, it returns precise results of your location. Performance wise, the app is responsive, robust, and quite user friendly for most parts. Above all, the GPS Tracker is a free of cost application. Verdict: A handy app to have in your BB if you have nothing to hide.

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