Guides by Lonely Planet iPhone App Review

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It is said that travel broadens the mind. However, if you really want to get all the experience that a particular destination has to offer, then you need to know the places that you should visit. Now, there are a number of websites that tell you where you need to go and what to see. The most reliable source is of course, Lonely Planet. In the following post, we are going to take a quick look at Guides by Lonely Planet app for iPhone.

Carry Your Travel Guide in Your Pocket

Well, when an app is designed by Lonely Planet, you can surely expect it to give you anything and everything that you would probably need when you are travelling. Well, the app doesn’t disappoint you. You get travel guides which are curated by experts for more than 170 cities across the world. You get information on the must-see places, travel information and much more. You would get essential tips for safety and also get a neighborhood guide, which allows you to check out the places you can enjoy close to where you are staying.

App Highlights

Offline Maps for all the cities
Phrasebooks in 18 different languages
Save places with easy bookmarking
Free to use

Guides by Lonely Planet iPhone App Review


If you love to travel then Guides by Lonely Planet for iPhone is something that you must have for your iPhone. It is smart and simple. So, install the app today and broaden your mind just like your travels should do.

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