GuruShots – Photography Game Android App Review

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GuruShots for Android provides a perfect platform for photography. If you are looking to gain experience to improve your photography skills, the app is your best companion. You have millions of photographers and their community where you can have fun playing photography games. You get to join photography challenges and get rewards. You will also get instant feedback from other users and get to improve skills in photography. You will find team of photographers who take on challenges and also participate in team matches. The app provides a new way to interact with photos and it makes life fun and interesting.

An App To Hone Your Photography Skills

GuruShots for Android is a simple and easy to use photo game app. It provides a fun and interesting way to improve your photography skills. There are themed photo events. You will get instant feedback from 6 billion votes. You will get to interact with seasoned photographers through it’s different community. You will get to view the real time rank and compare with others. You get to win amazing prizes. There are prizes worth $800k. Your photographs will receive massive views as it gets featured in prominent magazines and international photo exhibitions. Photography themes include topics like beard, black and white among others. The power of community is well used as they rank your photographs immediately. You can swap your photographs to see the ones that will photograph. You can use fills and keys, boosts to increase exposure.

GuruShots Photography Game Android App Review


GuruShots is the perfect for anyone who loves photography. The app suits the like of any type of photographer. Like you can be a mobile photographer who just started or an experienced DSLR photographer to gain the benefits of the app. The world’s best photography app will help you get better and better with photography. It has a growing community of millions of photographers. There are several photo contests and prizes. There are in game power ups, gift cards and photography gear. The app is free for download and use. The app requires Android
5.0 and up.

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