Heart Name Art: Focus Filter & Wallpaper Maker for Android

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If you have ever wanted to create overlay text over beautiful graphics to create amazing looking greeting cards and wallpapers, Heart Name Art for android is the app for you. This app is also perfect for creating powerful and attention catching backgrounds for your social media posts.

How it works

A free text editor app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Heart Name Art for android offers you the option to decorate and stylize any text you write. You can choose your font face, font color, edit the text size, drag, rotate and invert your text. You can decorate it with different decorative elements like feathers, hearts, swishes, love stickers, heart filters, color brush, color filter, and many other shapes.

Picture Focus and Filter and Heart Editor will also easily allow you to write multiple lines in different and unique styles with beautiful embellishments, frames and backgrounds. The backgrounds include flower images, fashion images, famous quotes, art, water reflection themes, famous paintings, landmarks etc. It comes with some light customization features like various layout options. Main features include more than 100 + customizable lovely templates to text on, 100 + unique heart emojis of different colors, 90 + stylish fonts, 300 + exciting symbols to work with.


One of the better name art editor apps in the market, Heart Name Art app for android is worth taking a look at. There are some parts that could be better, but it’s a positive experience overall. All said and done, this app from Pavaha Lab is a simple and entertaining one.

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