Hebbars Kitchen Android App Review

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Hebbars Kitchen App for android consists of almost all Indian vegetarian recipes demonstrated with video and step by step photo recipes. Each dish recipe is offered with photos and accompanied by square short video clips of different steps. It has a large database of different recipes from different parts of India and also includes international recipes and worldwide cuisine. The Hebbars kitchen app is a great deal for all foodies and housewives to make delicious and variety of dishes every day.

How it works

The interface of Hebbars Kitchen Android app is pretty easy to manage and has offline accessibility where the user can have recipes with step by step photo demonstrations but video streaming is not available in offline mode. The app is been divided into different recipe category for users convenience such as: Recipes of Breakfast , snacks, sweets, curry, rice, biryani, pulao, idli, dosa, dal, roti, naan, paratha, sambar, rasam, salad, raita etc. Cuisine Recipes such as South Indian, North Indian, Karnataka, Tamil, Telugu, Maharashtra, Gujrati, Punjabi, Bengali, Rajasthani, International, Indo Chinese etc.

We can search the required recipe by using the search bar and also can share our favorite recipes with our friends and family through social media, messages etc. The recipes are charted by a brief introduction and then followed by the list of ingredients and instructions with photo and video about the preparation of the dish. The note section describes the different tips and tricks for users for having easier and better cooking experience. We can bookmark or save favorite recipes hence enabling quick access to the recipes. A comment section is also provided in order to clear doubts and queries related to the particular recipe. The Hebbars Kitchen Android App also includes video section and also recent post, recipe categories, courses, cuisines, recipe time, complexity data.


The Hebbars Kitchen App for Android consists of frequent ads placed by the developer and requires permission for accessing contacts, location, storage etc. New recipes are been updated frequently and the app runs at a very less size. It definitely helps all the cooks around the world to make tasty and healthy dishes and also develops individuals to turn into an amazing chef in the future.

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