HEY Email iPhone App Review

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HEY Email for iPhone provides an excellent email service. There are amazing features that makes using email very easy. The app organizes mails in a manner that makes you more productive by saving a lot of time. You will not miss any unread mails or forget replying to an important question. The widgets will be in sync with the app and gives you all the details in a glance. The emails are screened like how it is done for calls. You can easily distinguish read and unread mails. It is easy to find what you want from the mail.

Be More Organized And Focused With A Pro Email

HEY Email is a simple and intuitive messaging app with rich features that makes organizing pretty easy. The app give you the control to decide who can mail you. You can screen out people from whom you don’t want to hear from. The mails are naturally grouped. Unseen mails will be on top and seen mails will be in the bottom. The app can open multiple mails which can be spread out over the screen so you can read them quickly. The attachments are stored in library and you can find them quickly. You don’t have to search a mail to get the attachment. The app helps toy set aside mails for later reference. It also blocks email spies throughout your use. The app let’s you rename subjects on mails sent yo you so it makes sense.

HEY Email iPhone App Review

Email at its best

HEY Email iPhone app makes you addicted that you never have to go anywhere. It replaces all your work related worries and frustrations with an intelligent workflow, easy organizations and other clever features. It makes emails more meaningful in an effortless way. The app can keep you off from heavy mail senders or groups by unfollowing them. The replies will jot be shown as a new email at all. The app is free for download and use. The app requires iOS 13.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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