Hidden Photo Vault – NoSeeYou iPhone App Review

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Hidden Photo Vault – NoSeeYou iPhone App developed by QiZi Tech Limited for protecting our data privacy in iOS devices. This app runs in devices having iOS version 12.0 or above and has in app purchases. The Hidden Photo Vault iPhone app offers good level of privacy features to protect our private photos, files, search history etc. The military – grade encryption enables the user to secure their data using PIN protection, VPN and private browser. We can directly import our photos and files from our device to the photo vault easily with one click. The app does not have any storage restrictions and also it allows multiple types of file. The Wi- fi media import feature enables the user to upload all the downloaded pictures, videos, files etc. to the hide photo vault.

App Highlights

The secure VPN feature of the Hidden Photo Vault app for iPhone enables the user to protect their network and location safe from intruders. The app provides around 150 VPN servers from about 50 countries with unlimited bandwidth. We can use the private browser to make unknown browsing in the internet without revealing our identity and can download files, photos etc. directly into the app. The important documents such as driving license copy, ID card, credit card etc. can be protected inside the app and we can put the images in blurred mode for providing more privacy.

Another advanced feature of the Hidden Photo Vault – NoSeeYou iPhone App is that if any unknown person try to open the app with a wrong pin, a screenshot is been taken and will sent it for review. An email will also sent to the device owner and thereby it prevents all intruders. Another advancement is where when we are forced to give our account without our will, we can type a fake PIN to a fake Noseeyou account and it will directly transforms into a safari page thereby clearing all privacy concerns. The app also offers cloud storage facility to store unlimited media and customized data compression saves up space.


The developers of Hidden Photo Vault iPhone app has a great visionary and good measures are been taken to ensure the privacy of the owner of the app. The app comes in English, Arabic, French, German etc. languages and in app purchases include different plans to satisfy the customer. Overall the app is a great asset to all iOS users and is very much user friendly and privacy is more secured.

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