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Idea Note for Android is an excellent not taking app that lets you take notes efficiently. It takes note taking a step ahead and let you capture all the important points onto the go. It is of great help when you want to take notes in a jiffy on top of other apps. A floating note taking app on your home screen and you don’t have to exit the current application to use the notes. Any idea you get as you go through other applications, mails or books you can immediately jot it down on the app and it will be stored for future use. A real innovative tool for those who love to record a lot of ideas.

An Exemplary Note Taking App With A Difference

Idea Note for Android is an easy to use and fastest note taking app such that you can easily record notes as you are watching a video, while browsing the internet or when you are on a call. The app features voice recognition to efficiently record your ideas. Minutes of the meeting can be done as and when you are going about the meeting.

There is know data loss when the app us cleaned. There are different labels for each note so you can easily store, retrieve and archive them. Labels can be customized with different colors. You can save images on the notes. It has a powerful reminder for daily, weekly, monthly reminders and you can customize this as well. You can easily share these notes.


Idea Note App for Android could easily be the quickest note taking app. Features like recording notes using your voice and that you can use it side by side with other apps makes it a step ahead of others apps. You can simply open this app anywhere with other apps. You can sync the any notes safely and securely to Idea Notes. It prevents data loss. The app requires permission to use the camera, microphone and storage space. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

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