iTap mobile RDP (Remote Desktop for Windows) App for iPhone Review

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Out of station and want to control your PC at office and home? Not a castle in the dream but it’s all possible with the revolutionary, iTap Mobile RDP (Remote Desktop for Windows) app for iPhone. It is simple to use, user friendly interface that allows you to supervise and administer the Windows desktop from your Android device. Willing to exploit iTap mobile RDP, then it gives you quick access and absolute control over your Windows PC from wherever you are. It is the only RDP client that wires TS Gateway. Although it’s quick in actions it’s more distinguished for its security as it’s designed for both business and home use.

Features of iTap Mobile RDP App

Secure Interface – The NLA creates a safe and secure mode for the functioning of your connection. The TS Gateway binds the operating functions in a much quicker fashion so that it’s suitable for both the users at home and business.
Performance – Over the iPhone it provides 60% less bandwidth than any other RDP clients. This ideally is twice the speed over other slow networks. When it comes to 3G network, it displays automatic bandwidth reduction. It calls forth compression and frequent Bitmap Cache for reduced bandwidths. If the connection gets disconnected there is automatic reconnect method through which you can connect without entering the password.

iTap mobile RDP app for iPhone

Language and Keyboard – All the keys and modifiers that are identified on a traditional PC keyboard are visible on the inbuilt keyboard. Further it supports almost all the international languages including eastern Asian input methods. It is completely gesture based for maximum screen space and there are 3 special mouse pointer modes.
Scope Mode – To manage your desktop there is a unique scope mode that has been designed. Convenient server search is possible and for bookmarks there is reach ability test.
Support Wizard – In case if there is any connection issue, the built-in support wizard will give you sufficient guidance.


Ready to manage your Windows desktop from your iPad/iPod touch/iPhone? Then download iTap mobile RDP from iTunes today and Enjoy the unbeatable efficacy of the powerful iTap mobile RDP app for iPhone.

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