Jamboard Android App Review

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Jamboard Android App provides collaborative space to share your thoughts and ideas. It is a digital whiteboard which provides a platform for teams or classrooms to collaborate and share ideas in a unique way. It offers a rich experience where you get to unfold your creativity. Creating a jam is a teamwork and you get to have the support of anyone from anywhere and team up to get your creativity out. It brings out the best out of you and the team helps you validate your idea in the best possible way. It is whole lot of fun.

Get Jamming With A Virtual Team And Watch Creativity Unfold

Jamboard for Android is an innovative and beautiful app that lets you collaborate easily with others as you share ideas, thoughts and jam. The app comes with various features and tools that will help bring out your ideas to the forefront. It has several pens with which you can draw. Choose different colors as you draw with a pen. You can work together with a team and share ideas on the same jam in real time.

There are sticky notes to help you brain storm ideas with your team. Insert stickers and photos to bring life to your jam. You can import drive files to annotate. Use laser pointer tools to highlight your points. The app requires permission to use the device camera, contacts, location and storage.

Rich collaborative experience

Jamboard Android App is an innovative idea given a digitized form. The app integrates well with the jamboard hardware. Schools and businesses can use the app and hardware to open or join a jam on a board located close by. Everybody get to collaborate on a jam board and the possibilities are unique. You can use it on phone, tablets or laptop. The Jamboard released by G Suite provides a great platform for people who love to share ideas and collaborate with others. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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