Jarvis – My Personal Assistant Android App Review

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Do you remember JARVIS from the Iron Man movie series? Although the real name of JARVIS was Just Another Rather Very Intelligent System, the name JARVIS is more popular among the masses. That was really cool, wasn’t it? Well, what if I told you that you can get Jarvis on your Android phone now! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the guys at ItsMyLab have built an Android app called Jarvis. No, it isn’t designed by Tony Stark and it might not put together your Iron Man suit, but it can surely do a lot of cool stuff. Let’s take a look at this app now and see how it really helps you out.

Make Your Phone more Productive

Well, there are a few apps that are based on movies, but in most cases, they are just show offs. But, Jarvis – My Personal Assistant Android app is different as it really does a lot and executes each of its tasks with finesse. You can use Jarvis to set alarms. You can also ‘ask’ Jarvis to make calls and send text messages. Jarvis also helps you to control your phone by helping you do tasks like playing music, shuffling the songs, switching on WiFi and the likes. You can also do a general search with the voice recognition feature.

What Will You Like About the App?

Supported by Android wearable.
Send you notifications. However, the app has the ‘office mode’ and ‘night mode’, where you would get little or no notifications.
Voice activated.


There is no doubt about the fact that Jarvis is a cool app. The app is beautifully designed and it runs without a snag. So, get Jarvis – My Personal Assistant for Android and get your chance to feel as cool as Tony Stark.

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