KaraFun – Karaoke Party Android App Review

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KaraFun – Karaoke Party for Android creates karaoke for your party. It is karaoke set right inside your pocket. You just have to schedule the party and invite your friends; the app will take care of the fun part of it. It is a complete karaoke player with controls that will help you manage the karaoke sessions efficiently. You will not experience any glitch or lag in the party. It will be full on fun with KaraFun. It gives access to thousands of party karaoke songs instantly using your smartphone, tablet and phone. You just have to get the singers lined up and the app will do the rest.

Have A Fantastic Karaoke Party With KaraFun

KaraFun – Karaoke Party for Android is a simple and fun app with a user-friendly interface. It gives access to more than 42k karaoke music. The app allows you to control vocal tracks. You will have weekly updates with new features. You need to signup and create account to access a handful of karaoke songs. A subscription will give you access to the entire set of songs. The app allows you to set favorite songs so you can access them easily. You can also add background vocals and activate lead. It lets you sing along with the real singer or the backup singer. You can turn them off as well. Adjust the tempo and key to match your voice. You get to call the shots and control the party.

KaraFun Karaoke Party Android App Review


KaraFun is one great app that will help you host a party even when there is no internet. You can sync songs offline and the party will get going. It works well with Chromecast as well if you want an external screen. It is easily the smallest and the most powerful karaoke system you will ever have. Set a date with friends, line up singers and have real fun. It is the best app for music party lovers. The app is free for download and use.

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