Lawnchair 2 Android App Review

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Lawnchair 2 for Android is a launcher app that offers incredible smoothness stability and loads of customization options. The Googles pixel launcher has good amount of customization tools and themes to play around with for a life time. The recent update has incredible design changes and new features that it is hard to ignore. A third party launcher is always z saviour when you are tired with the first party launchers offered by the android device. Google, Samsung and OnePlus have been offering great launchers that people don’t seek a third party launcher. But, if you love to give a new look and feel to your phones you must try out Lawnchair 2.

Give Your Smartphones, A Real Great Look

Lawnchair 2 for Android is a simple, beautiful launcher app that gives you the whole lot of flexibility as you dock and use the desktop and drawer. The tabs and functions are the main drawer categories. The launcher is easy to navigate and does not have unwanted clutter. It is easy to access Google Feed and Google Search.

Lawnchair 2 Android App offers one of the most reliable experience that you will not find in any third party launcher apps. The fast and snappy launcher is virtually hidden along with your android launcher the smartphone uses. The aesthetics and simplicity is spot on. It is devoid of all the fluff on the home screen you mostly will find with a third party launcher. It mimics pixel experience completely.


Lawnchair 2 Android App has powerful features that ranges from Drawer Categories to the new integration with recent android apps. There are also contextual data in At A Glance. The automatic dark mode offers a great feel when you browse the phone at night. The launcher app integrate with Homefeeder and Google Feed. The notification does gives you a feel of using a stylish phone. The app uses the permission of device administration to lock the screen when you perform a certain selected gesture. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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