Learn Chinese Mandarin Free Android App Review

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Learning any foreign language isn’t easy, even if it is about arming yourself with the very fundamentals of a foreign tongue. But language apps such as Learn Chinese Mandarin Free will help you learn – in this case Chinese – quicker. Learn Chinese Mandarin Free for Android is a game based app that aims to teach you the basics of Chinese Mandarin grammar and vocabulary, along with tools for mastering pinyin and tones. As the name suggests, the app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.


Learn Chinese Mandarin Free app for Android is inspired by Duolingo. It is designed for anyone who is interested in learning mandarin language. It provides Chinese Language (Mandarin) learning including pinyin, vocabulary, pronunciation (Pinyin), grammar and handwriting. Most importantly, it is a game-based app aiming to make Chinese Language (Mandarin) learning fun and easy for beginners memorise. The app features quality courses based on CEFR. Since Chinese would be a new language for most users, the app provides a means to learn native pronunciation at standard or slower speed. For convenience, the Chinese/Mandarin is displayed as pinyin or characters or both. If you think what you see on screen is a bit tough to grasp, you always has the option to switch to simplified mandarin or Chinese.

Learn Chinese Mandarin Free Android App

With the current version of the app, you’ll get 50+ Chinese/mandarin language conversational topics, 150+ grammar structures, the typical sentence patterns, lots of keywords and phrases and essential Chinese/mandarin language characters. The lessons also provide an intro into Chinese words/phrases that might handy during shopping and visiting a restaurant. The UI is beautifully designed. It is minimalistic and straight to the point, as you would want it with an educational app. Learn Chinese Mandarin Free app for Android is also stable and responsive.

Final Thoughts

Learn Chinese Mandarin Free app for Android allows you to learn basic Chinese/Mandarin by playing games. For a person with average learning abilities, playing the games for 10 minutes a day improvise his/her language skills in Chinese language (mandarin) significantly, irrespective of whether they have a background in Chinese or Mandarin. The app comes with grammar structures, conversational topics, useful words/phrases that’ll come handy while shopping or restaurant, and essential characters. Anytime you can switch between simplified and traditional Chinese to suit your skills. To sum it up, a great option to have whether you’re traveling to China or simply want to learn the Chinese basics for fun.

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