Lexia Core5 Reading iPhone App Review

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Lexia Core5 Reading iPhone App makes language learning fun and interesting. The focus is on English literacy. The app aims to close the gap for those who are struggling to learn English. It interestingly adapts to each learners style to recommend the right instruction to meet the needs. Testing and assessments is strongly correlated to give a complete educational program. Student performance is assessed at every level and skill gaps are identified and addressed. It is a great platform that is personalized and targeted which gives explicit instruction that makes students focus on all areas of reading in English.

Reading English Was Never Been Made Easy Before

Lexia Core5 Reading for iPhone App is an intuitive and simple app developed to make English reading quite easy for all types of learning capabilities. It aims to accelerate the development of literary skills of all abilities from pre-kg to grade 5. It helps students develop an awareness of phonics and letter sound connections.

The Lexia Core5 Reading expands vocabulary and word recognition. It helps build language skills that side in academics performance. It supports advanced literacy skills like text analysis, deep comprehension, higher order thinking and disciplinary knowledge. The assessments are done without the real experience of testing. The app gives teachers a real time progress and monitoring data. It really does not stop instructions to conduct test.

Development of Fundamental Literacy Skill

Lexia Core5 Reading iPhone App is all about making its users learn to read English accurately. It covers everything from poems, metaphors, similes and other amazing things. The use of technology can gradually improve the literacy and that is the aim of the app. The app has set grade level benchmarks and teachers will be able to assess if the student will banks to achieve it by the end of the year. The app can be used by students of age four and above and is free to download. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app. The app requires iOS 10.0 and above and is compatible with iPad.

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