LogMeIn iPhone App Review

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LogMeIn iPhone app enables you to access desktop using your iPhone or iPad. It offers great file sharing features with cloud storage facilities. The app suits corporate requirements and personal use. Excellent tool for anyone on the move. Access your computer anywhere and anytime. Access your office desktop while on an official trip or help a tech challenges person with technical support through this app. The getting started guide will have detailed instructions on how to use the app and all the features.

Log me in and also access your desktop

LogMeIn app for iPhone have clean interface that makes it easy for novice users to get around. Helps you run any application on your desktop remotely. You can set the access mode of remote control using the mouse and screen setting. There is a magnifying glass and a zoom slider that lets you zoom by mouse or slide using fingers. The file manager lets you quickly access files and folders that are in your desktop. Open and edit files. Save them onto your iPhone or iPad. Also lets you move and copy files between devices. Customize resolution and display color. Improve network performance for speedy access. Access videos and songs from the desktop and stream it on your desktop. Take photos and easily transfer it to your desktop.


LogMeIn iPhone App is a complete remote access solution. It is a great choice for people who require to access systems remotely on a regular basis. You just need to subscribe and have a Wi-Fi or mobile data to access the desktop. You can access and control the desktop even while sitting in front of it. Open the computer and perform most of your regular tasks through mobile devices. You can access windows or mac OS desktop. With the new cool design, one can quickly learn how to go about in the app. The basic version of the app is free to download and use. Three different subscription plans are made available through in app purchases. These plans let you access more than one computer and can scale over 50 computers.

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