Major League Predictor iPhone App Review

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Who will win the Major League Baseball? Major League Predictor for iPhone could give you a better perspective. The app provides live coverage of every game, standings by Division, Conference and League, games with scores by week or by Team. You can also find out the probability of winning teams and the possible score based on different factors. Major League Predictor app may be downloaded for free.

Predict the Teams

Major League Predictor for iPhone keeps you a step ahead when it comes to predicting the winning team and the probable scores. The app calculates the probability of winning teams each week and the probable final score with Predictor, using advanced mathematical calculations and statistical analyses. For example, a team’s winning chances depends upon the players they field, the players in the opposition rank and home field advantage, among others. The app takes into consideration each of these factors and comes up with a percentage as calculated by its analysis algorithm. In each game you will know the probability of each team win their games, qualify for the playoffs, and to become the Champion.

All the games show the time in time zone of your device, and you can add to your calendar. This will help you to follow the games easily. The UI design is impressive to say the least. You can find a team’s info such as last game, next game, odds, and their odds of each team to qualify for playoffs, all in one glance. The tables are all updated in real time so that you’ll always get to view the current details. Performance wise, Major League Predictor app is stable enough. The app requires iOS 8.0+.

Final Thoughts

Major League Predictor app for iPhone help you predict the probably winners, and you can use the info to bet or build your team in fantasy. The app’s algorithms are found to be precise enough in predicting the winning odds. It is a nice touch that the game times are shown in the time zone of your iPhone. The game tables are updated in real time so that you’ll always get to see the updated scores and odds. The UI is well designed and easy to follow. It is also slick and responsive. Check it out if you are a big fan of Major League Baseball and indulge in sports betting part-time or otherwise.

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