MAPic – Geotag & Location Editor iPhone App Review

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Instagram is perhaps the most popular platform to share images with the world. One of the most interesting features of Instagram, or Insta as it is popularly known, is the fact that it allows you to add location data to images. Now, a lot of people who like to travel around and post images on Insta often wonder if there is a way in which they could change the location of the images. Well, you can do that by downloading the MAPic – Geotag & Location Editor for iPhone. Here, we would take a closer look at the app and see how you can use it to get more out of your images.

MAPic is Epic!

No, we are not exaggerating one bit! MAPic – Geotag & Location Editor for iPhone is really an epic app! The thing that really makes it so awesome is its simplicity. You can geotag the images in just a few taps. If you have clicked multiple images in the same location, then you can geotag images in batches as well. You can add a new location with just a few taps as well. You can add images, to location specific files. MAPic app works perfectly well when you have edited the image in apps that strip of geotag information. We really liked the fact about how easy it is to add geotags. You can literally change the tags without going through any complicated procedures. You can also add fake tags, which means that you do that in just a few steps. You can also give fake tags. This means that you show the image was taken in a place that you never visited. We all want to do it sometimes! It is not a sin or a crime, it’s just naughty! And a little bit of naughtiness would not hurt anyone! Overall, this is really nice option for people who use DSLR Cameras and like to stun the world with their amazing clicks.

MAPic Geotag Location Editor iPhone App Review


Geotagging images becomes simple with a few simple tips
Tag any images that you want
Tag images anytime you want
You can also type in a fake location


If you are really looking for a proper geotagging tool, then this is the app that you need. MAPic is a capable app that would allow to geotag images like a breeze. It is amazingly simple to use and at the same time highly effective. Download MAPic – Geotag & Location Editor for iPhone today and make your images truly epic!

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