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| April 1, 2018 | 6 Comments

Messenger Home for Android is an all-in-one launcher and messaging app designed to help you organize and manage your text conversations. It has a dedicated screen just for SMS messages. You can also view your messages instantly with a single swipe, and find the contacts you’re looking for quickly with color coded custom icons. The app may be downloaded free from Google Play Store.

All-In-One Launcher and Messaging App

Messenger Home for Android is the easiest way access and manage important text messages, favorite apps, and search the web. Messenger Home app is a lightning fast SMS manager that provides an uncluttered, simplified home screen. Icons are conveniently organized by type while its enhanced search is insanely fast, and offers custom suggested searches. Its signature one-swipe access brings messages at your fingertips in no time. Specifically, simply swipe right for intuitive, “at-a-glance” text message access. Active sync technology ensures that you’ll instantly see all of your text messages on one screen. No long message load times, no searching for icons, and no missed or lost texts. It is fast. Another standout feature of Messenger Home for Android is mobile Optimized Voice to Text. Simply tap the microphone on the simplified home screen search bar to instantly search for anything on the web. Hyper-accurate voice recognition makes hands-free voice to text a cinch.

Messenger Home for Android has a beautiful design and clean interface that is easy to navigate. The conversations are presented in an easy to read color coded format. We also found that the voice to text process is seamless and precise. Performance wise, the Messenger Home is found to be slick and responsive with no apparent lag or freezes. It requires Android OS versions 5.0+.

Secure Messaging Launcher

Messenger Home for Android is probably the fastest, easiest, most secure messaging launcher you could find in Google Play Store. One swipe access to your messages is its highlight. You don’t have to sift through menus to check your messages. The talk to text and voice search comes handy any day. The search feature is robust and lightning fast. Ability to color code each sender comes handy. It also got light customization options and support for over 3000 emojis. The app is also stable. Check it out if you’re willing to test a third party launcher and messaging app over the stock one.

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  1. G Foley says:

    Messenger Home will take over your cellphone and prevent you from ubinstalling it by the normal process. It completely changed the format of my phone. Get App Killer from Playstore to remove it.

  2. VRC says:

    I absolutely can’t get rid of it! Help please! Can’t find an app killer that will even show Messenger Home in the list of apps. Argh!!

    • Frances says:

      I had the same problem ..reset your phone ..Click on settings , system reset ..then when phone starts up just enter your google e-mail address ..My phone is moto but I have done this on several phone it works ..don’t worry your phone will still connect to you provider ..

  3. Frances says:

    messenger home will indeed take over your phone
    Resetting your phone to factory default will remove it ..Go to settings , system , reset ever time ..

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