Messenger Kids iPhone App Review

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Messenger Kids for iPhone is a free video chatting and chat application for kids that gives parents more control and allows kids to have more fun. Kids may send kid-friendly GIFs, stickers, emoticons, and live filters within a message, and they can also access all of the device’s images and videos. Kids can also conduct live video conversations with the people they’ve approved. Parents can monitor what their children send using the app since they can’t erase messages. If parents have enabled this function, children can share a four-word passcode with their pals to create a contact. Parents will get a notice once their child inputs the passcode into the app, asking them to accept (or disapprove) the connection.

Best Messaging App for Kids

Parents can’t see what their children send in a separate app or in their own feed if they use it on their own phone, they can, however, check in Messenger Kids to see what their children send because there’s no way to erase messages. If children use Messenger Kids for iPhone on their parent’s phone, they will have access to all of the device’s images and videos. Parents may discover the Messenger Kids part of the Facebook app under the Explore section, where they can add contacts and switch between their children’s profiles. There’s a brief “activity” that explains how kids’ data is shared in simple terms, but nothing on how to interact with the app once you’re in it. Both managing your own child’s account and reaching out to other parents to allow child connections, the application strongly relies on parental engagement.

Messenger Kids iPhone App Review

Controlled and Connected

Messenger Kids for iPhone is known for its transparency on all sides, ensuring that there are no surprises or hidden activities. At any moment, parents can download their child’s discussions. Parents may also create a Sleep mode for their children so that they don’t have access to the app during certain times, and they can log their children out of the app remotely from any device. It underlines that if minors are in the same group chat, they will still be able to engage with banned people. Group conversations, on the other hand, will alert youngsters if they contain someone they’ve blocked. According to Facebook, children will now be able to unblock connections on their own if they like, and discussions with banned friends will stay in their inbox for parents to examine.

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