Mimo Learn Coding Programmin‪g‬ iPhone App Review

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Mimo: Learn Coding/Programmin‪g‬ for iPhone can teach you to code in Python, HTML and JavaScript. It is a great tool that will teach you all about coding in five minutes. A good thing is that the app will inspire you to stick to coding forever. It makes coding fun and interesting with bite size exercises that is also challenging. It makes coding a habit that will easily be a part of your daily routine. You are not restricted within the four walls of a classroom as learning happens on the go wherever you are using your smart devices.

Learning Tool To Master Coding

Mimo Learn Coding for iPhone is a simple and intuitive app that provides a fun, science backed and effective platform to code in html, JavaScript and Python. You will learn to code websites, apps that will help to advance your career. It creates a personalized learning path comprising game like, bite sized coding exercises that will easily fit into your daily routine. Not just that, the tool will keep you motivated. You will be a part of millions of other coders to share your interests and experiences. You choose to be a beginner or intermediate. The app will teach you to code at your pace and covers the most popular programming languages in the world. Practicing coding challenges and solving bite sized exercises from real world projects will make you an expert programmer. You will get immediate feedback that will motivate you to try more.

Mimo Learn Coding Programmin‪g‬ iPhone App Review

Code Python, JavaScript, HTML

Mimo Learn Programmin‪g‬ for iPhone is a brilliant app for those who love self teaching. Textbook learning can take a lot of time, but learning on the go with the help of an app is quite easy. You are required to spend only a few minutes each day to master a new skill. You get to enjoy a faster and smoother coding experience. The app is free for download and use. The app requires iOS 12.0 and above. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac.

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