Mindset for Success iPhone App Review

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Success is more of a produce of one’s mindset that anything else. Hence it is important that you have your mind in the right place. It is also about conditioning your thoughts towards success and directing your mental energy in the right direction. Mindset for Success app for iPhone, through its daily sage messages that inspire a mindset for success, help you achieve just that. It is a free app.

Finding the Right Mindset

To be successful in work, family, career, school, or just about anything in life you must first establish the basic principle of getting your mind in the right place. Your thoughts guide your actions, and your actions ultimately determine your level of success. Success comes to those who purposefully are choosing their thoughts & emotions and are controlling where their energy is spent. Each day, the app delivers three personalized messages, along with recommended actions to help you move toward even greater success. You follow the teachings and see what difference it makes in your life. The app helps you to begin your day with a dose of powerful motivation. Also, Michel Kripalani explains the deeper meaning of your messages. You can replay the messages any number of times as you wish before the day’s end. The app also allows to share your personal messages with others.

Mindset for Success iPhone App Review

The UI design is user friendly. The teachings are displayed in an easy to read format. The color theme also looks nice. Now comes the catch. While the app is a free download, you can use its features free of cost for one-week only. Afterwards, you got to pick between a monthly subscription for $5.99 or a yearly subscription that will set you back by $49.99. Performance wise, the app is stable. It requires iOS 9.0+.


Mindset for Success app for iPhone prods you to order your thoughts, and channelize your mental energy towards doing meaningful things that will bring success and happiness in your life. It gives you motivational messages at the start of the day, and you can replay them as you wish before the day ends. Sharing options come handy. The UI layout is easy to navigate. Since it is a paid subscription basically, save the free download, it is advisable that you use the app during free trial and see how it works for you. We found it to be quite useful. Check it out if you’re interested.

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