MoviesFad – Your Movie Manager Android App Review

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MoviesFad – Your Movie Manager for Android acts as your perfect film companion. It is not an app for watching movies but help you manage your movie details. The app help movie aficionados to find the movies they love to watch. It comes with a custom filter and you can set it to make intelligent searches that will provide an easy way to find movies. It us a perfect tool for those who love to stay updated with movies. You can quickly get to know what you want to watch on a boring long weekend. A catalog of movies with all the details will help you choose right.

Choose Your Movies Right With MoviesFad

MoviesFad Movie Manager for Android is a simple and a user friendly app with an interface that is easy to control. It has an intelligent find feature that is powered by custom filters. You can search for movies of any genre, actor, director and more. The features can be set such that you can discover new movies on the go. You can add so many interesting details to each title including the number of times you watched. You can easily organize titles in a custom list. The app let’s you create free account in a cloud storage. You can link or import data from account or IMDb account. There is so much of useful information on all the titles you save in the app. This will help you choose wisely.

MoviesFad Your Movie Manager Android App Review


MoviesFad Android Movie Manager is one of the best apps that will help you manage your movie details. You can choose to get notifications and alerts, if necessary. The app is impact on your device storage, battery and data. It is made as light as possible. It requires access permission to your storage and internet. The app can be synchronized across all devices you use. The stats will help avoid storing duplicated movies. The app is free for download and use. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for additional features and premium version without the ads.

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