Mubert AI Music Streaming Android App Review

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Mubert AI Music Streaming Android App stream music that can be played in the background. Soulful music helps relax your mind. Mubert has music that can keep you focused as you work, sleep, study, relax, meditate and workout. Music is inspiration it opens your mind and helps you concentrate. Mubert describes itself as making way for a generative music that is personalized to your liking. It has a library of never ending music that is created by artificial intelligence. It uses a vast database of human made sounds to create music for different moods. You can have a good time listening to music and doing what you have to do with complete focus.

Listen To Soothing Music And Gain Positive Outlook

Mubert AI Music Streaming Android App has an intuitive user interface that takes sometime to get familiar. Once you download and install the app you need to select a genre of music or your mood. There are three intensities to choose from, light, medium or hard. Tap the loop button when you want to hear the music repeatedly. Tap the like button or dislike button to express your liking. This is how Mubert AI Music Streaming app makes the music personalized by understanding your likes.

Save the music in favorites so you can pick it up easily next time. You can create your own music. You will find the music created by musicians and artists who are a part of Mubert community. Learn to play the music and create your own artist.


Mubert AI Music Streaming Android App produces generative music for people who love to listen to something different. It provides a new music experience for the new generation. The app doesn’t have any playlists and it never stops. There are no charts or trending music. Only music that is created in the app is using artificial intelligence. You can login to the app using your Facebook ID. The app constantly updates and innovates. The app is free for download and use for a seven days trial. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.

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