MusicBox Maker Android App Review

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MusicBox Maker for Android would come handy to those who loves to create music or simply someone who enjoys listening to some good tunes wherever you are. As the name indicates, it is an application that makes music box with simple operation. You can get MusicBox Maker app for free.


MusicBox Maker for Android lets you to generate your own version of your favorite music or new tunes from your own creation. You can begin with a brand new music file or alternatively, load an existing file through the menu setting on the left hand side of the app interface. Users can also make use of any of the app’s built-in tunes to fiddle around with beforehand. Reading sample data is straightforward. Tap the three lines on the upper left to display the menu and select “Load”. Now select the built-in data of this application and select a song. Let the rather simplistic look and feel of MusicBox Maker app for Android does not fool you. Its technical functions offer much more. For the user, it is relatively easy to navigate your way through the menu functions and find out where and what file you want to locate. The editing and creating music is a bit tough and involves lots of trial and error. While it also takes some time, it will be easier for the users to pick up from where they’ve left off.

Here is how to edit a song: One line of the song data part corresponds to an eighth note. A white circle indicates that it sounds a sound. Tap the icon with four arrows in the top right to switch between enlarged display and reduced display. When inputting the sound, it is easier to input by enlarging it. Tap on a dark circle to turn it into a white circle. When you tap the white circle, it becomes a white circle slightly displaced. Tap three times on it to return to the dark circle. Even if you tap the white circle long, it returns to the dark circle. Further, you can tap on the right end of the line to display the menu. Tap and long tap to display the context menu. You can copy lines and so on. Tap the last highlight color part of the song to add an empty line for one bar. Performance wise, MusicBox Maker app is stable and responsive. It requires Android OS 4.4 +.


MusicBox Maker app for Android is perfect for those who wish to experiment with new tunes and music variations for fun or otherwise. It is fun to listen to the variation of your favourite tunes. The editing process might be a bit time consuming though. But a well-designed UI gives you easy enough access to its various options and menus. The app is slick and responsive as well. Check it out as it won’t cost you even a cent to experiment with tunes and variations.

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