NetVelocity Android App Review

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The smart phone has brought the access of the internet into our hands, quite literally. However, smartphones nowadays doesn’t enjoy consistent network coverage at all times. Therefore, it becomes really important to test the quality of the internet connection so to get the best experience. NetVelocity app for Android would be of great help for such purposes. NetVelocity app is a multi-purpose app that helps you to analyze the network in a number of ways.

Know More about Your Network

NetVelocity Android app is an immensely capable application that helps you to gather important data about the network. You can perform speed tests with just a few taps. In the Engineering mode, you would access to more sophisticated tools. You can execute network commands DNS Lookup and Traceroute. You can also monitor additional LTE parameters like TAC and RF KPIs with ease. This app can also be used by enterprise users for improving their services.

Notable Features

Single click network test to check network performance.
Lots of IP tools such as Port Scanner, Traceroute and Ping.
Monitor additional LTE parameters.
Accurate results every time.


NetVelocity for Android makes it incredibly easy to measure the quality of your network. So, install the app on your Android phone and understand your mobile network better.

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