NeuroNation Brain Training Android App Review

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NeuroNation for Android is a brain training app which is a collection of brain training games and tools to improve important cognitive skills and prevent mental decline. NeuroNation is the brainchild of Rojahn Ahmadi and Jakob Futorjanski was launched in the year 2011. The app sets itself apart with a variety of exercises and games carefully organized into personal training programs created to boost performance in multiple areas of cognition. NeuroNation – Focus and Brain Training is a free download from Google Play Store.

Stimulating you brain with the right workout

As you download and install, you need to set up an account on NeuroNation. The games and exercises are segregated into five main categories with more than 60 games to choose from. All the games are designed to give deep insights into your personal strengths and potential. The games are tailored to your brain and scientifically formulated. It helps you stay focused in your goals. Practicing most of the games will sharpen your mind and improve memory. You will eventually think faster and achieve success. Gaining insights from research on psychology, human behavior and games mechanics, NeuroNation has successfully reached millions of users who enjoy playing games to train their brains. The games are all motivating, tailored to suit your goals. All needs to be regularly practiced and eventually the exercises will personalize to your individual performance.

NeuroNation’s brain training exercises are divided into categories dedicated to train different areas of cognition. The various categories include exercises on language, memory, numeracy, perception, and reasoning. Activities are combined in such a way that it points you toward a particular goal, such as building memory, improving focus, honing concentration or increasing the speed with which you complete tasks.


Brain training is a fun way to engage your mind for a few minutes every day. Free NeuroNation membership grants access to eight of their exercises on the web and six on the app. To utilize the entire suite of training games and get full use of all NeuroNation’s web and app features, you can sign up for a premium membership.

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