Notes by Firefox A Secure Notepad Android App Review

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Notes by Firefox A Secure Notepad for Android is a notes taking app from Mozilla. It is designed to work with Firefox and android smartphones. There are not much fancy features that takes the toll on your storage and battery. It is an encrypted app that syncs smoothly with the Firefox with your android device. The sole purpose is to help you quickly take notes and it adheres to that. The app is super fast. It does not have tons of features like other note taking apps. A note taking experience with a difference and the users will enjoy the flexibility and power of automatic sync.

Enjoy End To End Encryption As You Take Notes

Notes by Firefox A Secure Notepad for Android is a simple and user friendly app that is fuss free. The app offers all basic functionality that is required of a note taking app. The app supports only plain text and does not allow any kind of formatting, doodles or images. It is super fast and syncs almost immediately with Firefox when you are using it with android device. You can login using your Firefox account.

Any text you add will zip and appear immediately on the Firefox desktop using the Notes browser extension. You can now capture ideas, write memos, and create to-do list anywhere and anytime and have them stored in your desktop. You can edit, delete and read the notes whenever you want and the same will be updated automatically in the notes in your desktop.


Notes by Firefox developed by Mozilla is a simple notepad app for Firefox and android. It is a test experiment from the company who developed Firefox. The app lets you have great control. The developers has ever since been updating and improving the app. The app is quite secured with end to end encryption. It secures your data and prevents against spying. The app is useful for Firefox users as it lets you interact directly with your browser and updates the notes automatically. The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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