Nutshell Camera iPhone App Review

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Nutshell Camera for iPhone is used for creating instant mini-movies with text and animation. It spruces up the photos you take into cool animated presentations. It effectively gives you another way to jazz up your images. The app presents an effective way to inject motion into photos. Click three photos, add some text and cartoons and share them with friends. The app is a free download from iTunes App Store.

Make a Movie out of your Clicks

Using Nutshell Camera for iPhone, you never actually have to shoot a video. Just take three snaps of anything. Nutshell automatically converts the three images into a video. Each image becomes a key frame, which is a scene in a video, from beginning, middle and end of your film. Next, add the captions and animated cartoons. There are three caption styles and dozens of animated graphics. You can choose from the library that provides endless options of free animated graphics. You can drag and drop these items anywhere on your scene. They grow larger as you move them toward the bottom.

Once you have done with your editing, tap Save. You have created a Nutshell video which you can instantly share to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also send it to friends email, text messages and WhatsApp. Nutshell Camera app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and works with devices running iOS 8.0 or later.


Nutshell Camera for iPhone is fun; it is free and definitely different from other apps. On flipside, it won’t let you choose the different scenes to edit unless you have saved the project. The app would definitely benefit from additional options like better transitioning between the end and restarting. Nevertheless, it is a simple idea executed nicely.

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