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OfferUp for iPhone is the biggest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers. The app was created with the intention of having people sell their items to their local customers using local marketing strategy. OfferUp mainly focuses on the mobile users and this makes the platform more advantaged as the highest percentage of buyers and sellers are now using their smartphones.

Buying and selling in your Fingertips

The process of buying and selling is really easy with OfferUp for iPhone. Using your smartphone, snap a photo of what you want to sell and upload it in the app, along with an asking price and title. A list of potential buyers in your area can view the image in the app. In a short while, they will contact you to know more about the product. If they are interested in buying, you can negotiate and arrive at a reasonable price. Communicate with the buyers using the app’s messaging system. Each buyer gets a rating out of 5, so you can easily choose the best person to sell to.Buyers can scroll through the photos of items that sellers have uploaded. It is like how you browse images on Instagram. If you see a product that interests you, then contact the buyer through the secure messaging system. You don’t have to give any personal information while messaging. Check out the sellers rating to see whether they are reputable and set up a meeting to view the item.

OfferUp iPhone app focuses on buying and selling between locals, it suggests that you meet up to buy or sell an item and then make the transaction in cash. The app does offer in-app payments for some areas/products and allow the buyer to pay the seller through debit or credit card.


OfferUp for iPhone is totally free to download and there are no separate charges for the seller and the buyer. If you want to purchase a product and you dont want to go beyond your town or city, this is the best app to use. If you also have items you feel are in high demand in your neighbourhood, then OfferUp is the place to market them.

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